For 25 years, Elikosoft has one single goal: quality assurance.

Our vision is to increase the family of satisfied customers, thanks to the products we place.

In order to achieve success, it is necessary to have a team behind the company that will deliberately work for its progress. Our company has a team that targets the success. Thanks to the creativity, satisfaction and low fluctuation of employees, we guarantee continuity and stability in the services.

In the past years, Elikosoft has been telling success stories, and as one of the last, but not least, is PTSPI, a application for planning of construction objects in construction. It is the best solution for this area that is currently offered on the market in Macedonia.

PTPI is one of the things that we are especially proud of because it is the only one of its kind in the country, easily accessible and responsibly, we assert that it is necessary for every construction company.

We have created a company that has made a real change among users, thanks to the expertise, products, placement and availability.

Our mission has proven to be successful so far, as we succeed in creating a strong connection with our customers, as well as with our employees, speed and timeliness in the performance of tasks and work according to world standards.

We manage to prove that we are leaders in creating and developing the most advanced solutions that lead advanced information technologies to our global partners in values for local business entities through our professional solutions and services.

We direct our efforts to automate and optimize system solutions in the direction of integration with all the systems that are part of the global computer network.

The greatest success are the satisfied clients with whom we work, and the best compliment is their recommendation.


Founded in 1993 in Skopje, the company’s primary goal is developing feasibility studies and application solutions in the field of banking, civil engineering, trade, agriculture and other areas of work, adjusted to the users’ needs. The transition has created numerous new opportunities in Macedonia. The demand on the market has been increasing in many other economic areas and we have recognized the opportunity to act in other areas of work such as the civil engineering. For that purpose two teams have been established in the company: IT Sector and Civil Engineering Sector. Elikosoft is among the first companies in the SEE region that develops and maintains high-quality solutions in its area of working.

The services offered by the IT Sector of the company include consulting, planning, developing applications and training through direct contacts with the users of the information systems.

Elikosoft has been subsequently engaged in business in Macedonia for twenty years and currently employs more than ten highly qualified and certified experts, participating in sectors as follows:

• Software design and programming
• Maintenance of software application solutions
• Training, help desk and end-users support
• Development of web applications
• Civil engineering sector – design, monitoring and performance
• Marketing
• Finances and administration
• Distribution


Quality Policy

• "ELIKOSOFT" is a company that deals with production of information systems in various fields, adapted for the users' needs, providing services such as consultation, planning and training, as well as managing projects in the filed of construction.
• "ELIKOSOFT" shall support the Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 international standard.
• "ELIKOSOFT" guarantees to its clients correctness and maximum fulfillment of the engagements undertaken.
• "ELIKOSOFT" declares that the main objective of the management and its personnel is providing quality service to its clients adequate to their normative requirements as well as in accordance with the international standards for operation in the filed of software products preparation and construction work.
• "ELIKOSOFT" shall continually monitor its clients' satisfaction and study their recommendations, requirements and reclamations, which shall be used afterwards for improvement of the services' features as well as for improving the Quality Management System.
• "ELIKOSOFT" strives for maintaining highly qualified and motivated personnel as well as for keeping an account of the maintenance of good creative environment, where each person shall be aware of the importance of their activities in relation to the satisfaction of its clients' requirements and the company's prosperity.
• "ELIKOSOFT" applies process approach to the preparation and maintenance of Quality Management System. Therefore, it performs identification, planning, establishment, control and constant improvement of all processes that influence its services.
• The management performs periodical controls over the policy, functioning of the Quality Management System, the fulfillment and establishment of new objectives for quality.

Safety Policy

• ELIKOSOFT declares the main objective of its management and personnel to be the preparation and delivery of products in compliance with its clients' requests for quality as well as to guarantee classified, comprehensible and controlled access to the information contained in the processes executed within the Company.
• ELIKOSOFT clearly determines the information security, its goals, areas and degrees of importance as mechanisms for providing and/or using that information. Based on that, ELIKOSOFT is planning to introduce effective organizational measures built upon the fundamental principles for information security, which would guarantee the fulfillment of the set goals.
• ELIKOSOFT continually increases the degree of information security and information protection against the broad range of dangers in order to guarantee consistency of the processes, protection of the business interests and enhancement of the competitiveness and business opportunities of the Company.
• ELIKOSOFT establishes criteria for risk assessment and undertakes measures for risk reduction.
• ELIKOSOFT continually monitors, studies, and embraces the latest scientific – technical achievements in the Information Security Management System.
• ELIKOSOFT maintains highly qualified and motivated personnel, which executes its tasks related to ensuring information security timely and professionally.
• ELIKOSOFT strives to make each employee understand the importance of their work and active participation in the process of enhancing the Information Security Management System.
• In the process of implementing, maintaining and enhancing the Information Security Management System, ELIKOSOFT applies ISO 27001:2013 and other international and national standards as well as the effective legislation.
• ELIKOSOFT's policy is in accordance with the strategic risk management of the organization, which shall be implemented with the aim of maintaining and enhancing the Information Security Management System.
• ELIKOSOFT's policy has been approved by the management of the Company.

Service management policy

• “ELIKOSOFT” is a company that deals with information systems development in several areas, customized to the users’ needs, service delivery such as counseling, planning and training, as well as construction projects management.
• “ELIKOSOFT” shall support the service management system in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 20000:2011 international standard.
• “ELIKOSOFT” guarantees its clients correctness and maximal fulfilment of the engagements undertaken.
• “ELIKOSOFT” declares that the main objective of the management and the entire personnel is to deliver quality service to its clients based on their normative requirements and in accordance with the international standards relevant to the development of software products.
• “ELIKOSOFT” shall continually monitor its clients’ satisfaction and consider their recommendations, requirements and reclamations, and then it shall use them to improve the characteristics of its services and advance its service management system.
• “ELIKOSOFT” strives towards maintaining a highly qualified and motivated team and ensuring positive atmosphere where everyone is aware of the importance of their actions in terms of meeting the clients’ requirements and the company’s prosperity.
• “ELIKOSOFT” applies a process approach to the development and maintenance of the service management system. Hence, it identifies, plans, introduces, controls and continually improves all processes that affect the quality of its services.
• The management periodically checks the policy and the functioning of the service management system.


Elikosoft is dedicated to providing their clients with reliable services of the highest quality. Since our beginnings, we have been creating an ideal experience and a platform with one common goal: maintaining a reliable service. Based on our past experience, we can proudly guarantee the services we offer. We guarantee that you will have the opportunity to contact us for any problems you encounter and talk to the right person, someone that will answer your questions, fix your problems and resolve the difficulties you are facing. For easier and more efficient determination and resolution of the problems we use a tool that enables us to log on your computer and intervene at the same moment you have faced the problem. To accomplish this level of quality we strictly adhere to policies and procedures in compliance with the quality and information security standards.
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