Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

To improve the coordination and exchange of relevant information between the systems and various participants in the system as well as to ensure compatibility and data exchange with the relevant systems in one company, acquistion of Integrated system for data exchange and automatic data processing is needed.

The ERP information system entails the following application solutions:
• Warehouse Management
• Materials Management
• Financial Management
• Exchanges – Financial Management
• Supply and Supplier Relations Management

Human Resource Management (HRM)

The Human Resources Management System performs data registration for all employees, the company’s organizational structure and employees’ distribution at workplaces, new personnel recruitment, data about employees’ training, appointment on projects, attendance records. HRM will register the novelties and changes to the acts pertaining to the organization and systematization of companies.
The application is web based which means that the authorized users will be able to access the required information anytime and anywhere.

The Human Resources Management System consists of the following underlying modules:
• Administration module
• Personnel records module (personal data for employees)
• Employee self service module

Document Management System (DMS)

Integrated system providing easy and quick access to your electronic documentation and scanned hard-copy documentation.
The system allows electronic keeping of documents of various types and formats (scanned documents, electronic files, electronic mail, sound records, photos, work processes etc.). The application is web based which means that the authorized users can access the required information anytime and anywhere.

The Electronic Archiving application comprises the following underlying modules:
• E-Record book
• Electronic distribution of incoming documents

Vehicle Management Software (VMS)

The Vehicle Management Software is aimed at improving resource efficiency and quality and decreasing resource consumption.
The Vehicle Management application is designed to keep records of data on the company vehicles, vehicle registration planning and registration records, vehicle insurance, planning and record-keeping of regular and irregular services, records of planned and realized working tasks, records of reported defects and their solution, records of fuel consumption and kilometers travelled.

• Recording data on all vehicles
• Registration planning and registration records
• Vehicle insurance

Commercial Accounting (CA)

The application for commercial management is an application program solution that provides the users with simple, fast and effective tracking of the production, offers, orders and sales within their company. The solution we offer overcomes the problems arising from the manual conduct of this process.

The Commercial Management application includes the following modules:
• Production orders
• Recipes
• Delivery orders
• Offers
• Invoicing

Fixed Assets (FA)

The fixed assets are the beginning of each company as they are the key ingredient for its existence and realization.
The fixed assets management software is an applicative, program solution that enables users to make an inventory of the fixed assets within their company in an easy, fast and efficient manner. This solution resolves the problems that used to arise from the past manners of making inventory of material objects.
The solution is web based and makes accurate and updated data about the assets available at any time, thus enabling the managers to reach quality decisions based on real data. Integration with the module for Financial Management is possible, thus allowing the companies to manage integrated operating activities in a simple manner.

Treasury Management (TM)

A set of operating modules for tracking the assets turnover in the treasury and program generation of various treasury forms. A high degree of integrity with the financial accounting, main ledger, suppliers/customers.

The treasury provides computer support for the following:
• Registration of the assets entry and exit from the treasury
• Cash in/Cash out
• Treasury register
• Cash reports etc.

Payroll Calculation (PC)

The Payroll Software enables complete registration of data about all employees as well as calculation of payroll and leaves.

An integrated system with two different modules:
• Human resources
• Payroll

The component for human resources provides registration of the basic data for each employee, such as: surname, name, father’s name, date and place of birth, gender, nationality, place of residence, type of education, type of working position, years of service in the company and other data for the company’s employees. The software generates different kinds of reports based on the inserted data for the company’s employees.

Working Hours Register (WHR)

A combination of efficient program and special devices for registering the worker’s attendance at the work place. It entails the following modules:
• Registration of working hours: registering the time of arriving at and leaving the work place, field work or work assignment, official or private absence, locating the worker
• Schedule and planning: planning activities on a daily, monthly and yearly basis; vacations, trips, field work
• Analysis and reports: reports on attendance for each employee separately and at company level, report on any time period (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly), analysis of absences, vacations, trips, both separately and in a group

Agency Management (AM)

The Agency Management application is designed to implement an integrated database for authors and contractors as well as to maintain records of copyright contracts and temporary service contracts and to significantly decrease the time needed for calculations and invoice creation.

The application consists of the following main functional components:
• Module for copyright contracts registration
• Module for temporary service contracts registration
• Codebooks

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The Customer Relationship Management system should be consistent with the other elements of the organizational architecture as well as the organization’s structure and objectives. The aim of the Customer Relationship Management system is to reduce the costs and increase the profitability by increasing the customer satisfaction, loyalty and the representation of their interests. The Customer Relationship Management system includes customer-related information in each segment of their cooperation with the company.

There are three key elements for successful CRM initiative: people, processes and technology. Each process related to the customers has to be covered by CRM. The company’s business processes have to be reorganized if required to strengthen the CRM initiative, provide the customers with better services and increase their satisfaction from those services.


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