Hotel Management System (HMS)

The Hotel Management Software facilitates both the receptionist’s and accounting office work. This software provides for registering accommodation capacities with only one update by guests’ receipt and another one when they leave the hotel.
Once data about the rooms are entered in the database (types of rooms, architectural design), the program enables a review of the rooms by occupation, bookings or by the entered description of the rooms.

Catering Management (CM)

The Restaurant Management Software is an efficient tool for managing large and small restaurants, cafes, pizza restaurants, cocktail bars and other catering places, facilitating an environment for fast and simple serving the guests. A module for fast serving guests is also integrated through the usage of manual terminals for receiving orders and their real time delivery to the kitchen or bar.
In combination with the module for Warehouse Management, this module becomes an extremely flexible and multifunctional solution and is suitatble for work organization.

Store Accounting (SA)

The software for stores is a product for management and control of wholesale and retail trade. The system is designed to concentrate information and manage a chain of objects as separate units or as integrated structure.
The system offers the following:
• Work with unlimited number of warehouses, companies, pricelists, products, measures and packing
• Unlimited number of features related to goods, customers, documents
• Updating shifts
• Daily sales
• Goods issue note

Tobacco Repurchase (TR)

The software application “Commercial Accounting – Tobacco Repurchase” enables monitoring of tobacco repurchase and payments made to tobacco manufacturers.
The application includes several modules for complete registration of:
• Contracts signed with tobacco manufacturers
• Registers of tobacco and settlements
• Received advance payment, natural advance payment, previous years debt, loan, taxes, interests
• Yearly repurchased tobacco

Primary Register of Pig-Breeding (PRPB)

Current technique and technologies are strongly developed and can be used in all the segments of work, including pig breeding. Our team, through its work and experience in designing and development of a software application for "Primary Register of Pig-Breeding", makes efforts to introduce automation in pig-breeding farms in order to improve and facilitate the everyday work.
The software package includes:
• Basic information cards for boars
• Basic information cards for boars

Hospital Administration - Software Solution (HA)

The software application “Hospital administration” is adjusted to the client’s needs, increasing of the work efficiency, and it contributes to the patients’ waiting time. It provides clear and fast-appearing list of patients, their personal data, medical history, etc.
The application includes:
• Entering and search of patients (basic data, data of the health insurance and the insurance holder, control)
• Diagnosis (diagnosis, treatments)
• Calculations (insurance, participation, payment for medical services)
• Data of the doctors

Software for Construction Companies (PTSPI)

The software package for calculation of costs and monitoring of projects in performance is a relatively modern and advanced application, one of this type on the market, primarily for meeting the needs of the construction companies.
The package can be generally divided in three logical units:
• Calculation of the costs for a construction
• Monitoring of a construction
• Subcontractors
• Control over the materials consumed

Imperial TKS Control Application (TKS)

Imperial TKS control application provides real-time management with:
• two-way communication with the server
• one-way communication with production line
• multiple timers
• etc.


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