Primary Register of Pig-Breeding (PRPB)

Primary Register of Pig-Breeding (PRPB)

Current technique and technologies are strongly developed and can be used in all the segments of work, including pig breeding. Our team, through its work and experience in designing and development of a software application for "Primary Register of Pig-Breeding", makes efforts to introduce automation in pig-breeding farms in order to improve and facilitate the everyday work.

The software package includes:

• Basic information cards for boars
• Basic information cards for boars
• Registers of the offspring
• Monitoring of fattening
• Special part for units registering, etc.

The application has been designed using the latest technologies currently offered by Microsoft, SQL Server 2008, development tools Microsoft Visual Studio. NET 2008, Reporting Services.

Finally, we would like to state that Elikosoft is available together with its personnel for all interested subjects for any information.


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