Payroll Calculation (PC)

Payroll Calculation (PC)

The Payroll Software enables complete registration of data about all employees as well as calculation of payroll and leaves.

An integrated system with two different modules:
• Human resources
• Payroll

The component for human resources provides registration of the basic data for each employee, such as: surname, name, father’s name, date and place of birth, gender, nationality, place of residence, type of education, type of working position, years of service in the company and other data for the company’s employees. The software generates different kinds of reports based on the inserted data for the company’s employees.

The payroll component allows calculation of the salary, such as: calculation of the salary based of the parameters defined by the company (points, hours, years of service in the company, etc.), complete salary calculation, calculation of the salary in parts, calculation of personal tax and benefits, calculation of the sick leave and other deductions. The application provides generation of different summarized reports and views grouped by units, sectors and types of employees as well as repots based on banks. The system also allows automatic generation of the prescribed forms: M4 form, F1 form, PDDGI form, yearly card for employees, payrolls, pay slips, sick leave lists etc.

It is important to point out that all these reports and forms are in compliance with the laws and regulations. Great importance bears the automatic generation of .txt file that can be uploaded in MPIN from the Public Revenue Office as well as the possibility to export all the documents in various file formats (Excel, e-mail, pdf, html, jpg, gif).

Finally, we would like to state that Elikosoft is available together with its personnel for all interested subjects for any information.


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