Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The Customer Relationship Management system should be consistent with the other elements of the organizational architecture as well as the organization’s structure and objectives. The aim of the Customer Relationship Management system is to reduce the costs and increase the profitability by increasing the customer satisfaction, loyalty and the representation of their interests. The Customer Relationship Management system includes customer-related information in each segment of their cooperation with the company.

There are three key elements for successful CRM initiative: people, processes and technology. Each process related to the customers has to be covered by CRM. The company’s business processes have to be reorganized if required to strengthen the CRM initiative, provide the customers with better services and increase their satisfaction from those services.

To make the CRM initiative effective the company has to assure its employees that the change is worthy and they would benefit from CRM. The procedure should be also completely automated to increase the employees’ effectiveness and the customer satisfaction.

CRM is a system that puts the client in the core of the business process, and the implementation of the best CRM practices is the key to earning customer loyalty as an integral part of a successful business. CRM is a system that facilitates scrutiny of the customer behavior and thus gives proper guidelines on how to best serve the customers and improve the relationship between them and the company.

The customer behavior is in the focus of the modern companies. The CRM system is a synthesis of several functionalities such as sales, management, marketing and communication with the customers as its main feature i.e. methods for data accumulation. The CRM system includes market research, development and management, tests of various products, advertisement, sales analysis and analysis of the customer behavior, as well as communication channels, telemarketing, call center etc. Various aspects of communication are implemented in the CRM system to accumulate more customer-related data, provide the intelligent system with superior knowledge and thus ensure better customer relations. Hence, CRM is a process that gathers information on the sales, marketing, the current and potential customers for the purpose of making proper and informed business decisions that lead to profit as well as competitive tactics for the companies that implement these systems. The CRM system is a synthesis of software and business philosophy that focuses on the customer.

The techniques implemented in these systems should improve the metrics considered as competitive at the company’s market, which primarily include the customer satisfaction. The companies should appeal to customers. The CRM system allows enlargement of the company’s operating territory and develops interactive relations between the clients and the company that would also increase the company’s operations and presence on the market. The customer satisfaction is the main task of each CRM system and a primary metrics of the company’s success.


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