Градежна комерција (PTSPI)

Software for Construction Companies (PTSPI)

The software package for calculation of costs and monitoring of projects in performance...

Imperial TKS Контролната апликација TKS

Imperial TKS Control Application

Imperial TKS control application provides real-time management with:

Софтвер за хотелско работење (HMS)

Hotel Management Software (HMS)

The Hotel Management Software facilitates both the receptionist’s and accounting office work.

Угостителско работење (CM)

Catering Management (CM)

The Restaurant Management Software is an efficient tool for managing large and small restaurants, cafes..

Софтвер за продавници (SA)

Stores Accounting (SA)

The software for stores is a product for management and control of wholesale and retail trade.

Откуп на тутун (TR)

Tobacco Repurchase (TR)

The software application “Commercial Accounting – Tobacco Repurchase” enables monitoring..

Матично книговодство во свињарство (PRPB)

Primary Register of Pig-Breeding (PRPB)

Current technique and technologies are strongly developed and can be used in all the segments of work, including pig breeding.

Болничко работење (HA)

Hospital Administration - Software Solution (HA)

The software application “Hospital administration” is adjusted to the client’s needs, increasing of the work efficiency..