Catering Management (CM)

Catering Management (CM)

The Restaurant Management Software is an efficient tool for managing large and small restaurants, cafes, pizza restaurants, cocktail bars and other catering places, facilitating an environment for fast and simple serving the guests. A module for fast serving guests is also integrated through the usage of manual terminals for receiving orders and their real time delivery to the kitchen or bar.

In combination with the module for Warehouse Management, this module becomes an extremely flexible and multifunctional solution and is suitatble for work organization.

The software offers a possibility for working with unlimited number of warehouses, companies, pricelists, products, measures and packing, tracking products for consignment, possibility for customers’ and suppliers’ postponed payment, easy and intuitive searching of goods by code or name, automatic/postponed production by current recipes, visualization of the current stock in the warehouse, re-issue of control and final bills, tracking stock by packing, tracking staff’s working hours, balance of the operators upon the servicing percentage earned, preparing a chart for the staff’s work, possibility to transfer the restaurant bill to a hotel bill, access control for each user to the system operations, nomenclature and reports, simultaneous printing to several printers and many other possibilities.

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