Hotel Management Software (HMS)

Hotel Management Software (HMS)

The Hotel Management Software facilitates both the receptionist’s and accounting office work. This software provides for registering accommodation capacities with only one update by guests’ receipt and another one when they leave the hotel.
Once data about the rooms are entered in the database (types of rooms, architectural design), the program enables a review of the rooms by occupation, bookings or by the entered description of the rooms.

The program is designed for hotel/motel reception desks and facilitates the following:

•Registration, review, printing of booking confirmation (automatic entry of date, time and user that made the booking, booking of certain number of rooms of certain type, booking of particular rooms)
• Check of booked rooms for a certain period
• Module for booking confirmation
• Guests registration
• Reports on guests arrivals and departures by day or certain period
• Registration of mini-bar or other services
• Printing bills via fiscal printer, hotel bills, invoices
• Administration (System Module)

The entry of data about guests in the database is done “once and for all”. By their next arrival at the hotel, only their ID card/passport number should be entered or their name should be chosen from the overall list of guests as the program already has their data either in a booking, registration form or invoice.

The services offered by the hotel/motel, such as:

• Various accommodation arrangements
• Using the mini-bar
• Services offered by third companies for which the hotel acted as an arbitrator (taxi services, pizza restaurants, flower shops etc.)
• Views

Can be offered by the reception desk immediately after their entry in the database.

The generation of invoices is simple and fast. Each invoice remains written in database for ever and it can be reprinted if necessary.

By payment, a fiscal bill can be printed for each invoice, and in the event of a mistake, the invoice can be cancelled.

Finally, we would like to state that Elikosoft is available together with its personnel for all interested subjects for any information.


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