Human Resource Management (HRM)

Human Resource Management (HRM)

The Human Resources Management System performs data registration for all employees, the company’s organizational structure and employees’ distribution at workplaces, new personnel recruitment, data about employees’ training, appointment on projects, attendance records. HRM will register the novelties and changes to the acts pertaining to the organization and systematization of companies.

The application is web based which means that the authorized users will be able to access the required information anytime and anywhere.

The Human Resources Management System consists of the following underlying modules:

• Administration module
• Personnel records module (personal data for employees)
• Employee self service module
• Leave planning module
• Module for recruitment, selection and hiring new personnel
• Training and development module
• Module for planning medical checks
• Module for projects tracking and participation

The Administration module entails the following:
• Company data (general data, locations, organizational structure)
• Definition of workplaces
• Codebooks
• Definition of users and user groups
• News, announcements, forms

The personnel records module serves for entering new and reviewing the already entered employees.

The employee self service module allows employees to view their own data.

The leave planning module includes:
• Configurations
• Leaves
• Vacations

• Module for recruitment, selection and hiring new personnel
• Advertisements
• Registered candidates

The training and development module allows data entry on employee trainings (undergone and planned).

The module for planning medical checks contains data on employee health checks.

The module for projects tracking and participation includes:
• Data about projects
• Project activities

HRM provides:
• Effectiveness of the human resources unit
• Registration of novelties and changes to the acts for organization and systematization of companies
• Electronic dossier for each employee containing personal data, contact data, qualifications, employment data, data about hours spent at the workplace and data about leaves, data about salary and benefits paid, tracking of working life
• Simple organizational management, fast and easy tracking and registration of all processes related to employment and integration of data on all employees in the company
• Effective identification of employees working in the system and definition of their opportunities, privileges and working activities in the system

The Human Resources Management System, along with the Payroll and Personnel Records System and the Working Hours Registration System, are excellent tools for enhancement of employee effectiveness and tracking their working life, improvement of the company quality and innovation, and thus meeting the current and prospective customer needs.

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